Current Members

The SICC is a coalition of visual artists; musicians; performance artists; photographers & writers whose goal is to provide community support; develop venues; provide media exposure; expedite collaboration amongst ourselves & within the business, political & general community & enhance the spirit of our creative community here & in the greater NY area.

SICC members encourage and support each other in all our creative endeavors and nurture new venues and events, especially on Staten Island. We look forward to working with our local officials and the Council on the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island in advocacy for issues that affect us and the larger community – especially economic development. SICC provides a convenient contact for those looking to interact with the creative community.

Members List

Miguel Angel
Victoria Bellinger
Yolanda Berry
Mary Bullock
Anthony Butera
Linda Butti
Jessica Capuozzo
Victoria Cheng-Gorini
Elizabeth Chowdhury
Everet Curry
Donna Cutugno
Ed Davin
Caryn T. Davis
Sue Ehrlich
Loren Ellis
Phyllis Feathersone
Phyllis Forman
Jeffrey Gaal
Henry Glener
Susan Grabel

Diane Griffiths
Lorenzo Hail
Victor Hesson
Elizabeth Featherstone Hoff
Dan Icolari
Wendy Jackelow
Marilyn Kiss
Philip Koehler
Brandon Korosh
Sajda M. Ladner
Robin Lampman
Shane Lampman
Douglas LaTourette
Joanne Lattanzio
Susan Ledwith
Helen Levin
Lenny Librizzi
Peter Lisi
Laura Lo Bianco Sword
Jen Macaluso
Terry Marks

Harold Mayle
Joelle Morrison
Doris Nielsen
Robert Padavano
Jae Yeun Park
Shakati Peralta
Rhoda Pierce
Linda Rossi
Sally Ann Sitro
Rachel Sanchez
Dennis Sheheen
Keri Sheheen
Mary Sobiechowski
Renee Soloway
Steven Soloway
Robert Spinelli
Skye Suter
Jessica Taccetta
Kathleen Titolo
Vivian Vassar
Jenni Vitek
Jack Vokral
Fritz (Steven) Weiss
Deborah Woodbridge
Elzbieta Wysoczanska